Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inspiration From A Friend

So, I was sitting here with my friend/cousin and we came across this picture on Facebook that I wanted to share with you all. Along with how it Inspired me to write what you are about to read today.

                                                                   "The Change"

This here is the picture that i was telling you all about. Do you see its inspiring words, right? I love the way it makes you think about how cruel life can be and sometimes you think that you're alone but honestly you're not, cause if you where then you would have probably lost your mind and not be reading this. Just take the time to look out side of your own window of pain and you'll see that there's someone else who is just as you are. Not completely in the same situation but enough to know what your feeling. Who can relate to just as much if not more then what your going threw. 

It takes two of the same pain to understand that with pain can become pleasure, with sadness can become happiness, and with hate their can be love. But, if you choose to stand alone then alone shall you stay. But, if you choose to let those who not seek help but seek to help you, then you alone can open those painful doors instead of just sitting within yourself. Not even being able to see the light of day. Then to you i say good luck on your journey for where ever it may take you. I hope that you'll be safe and hopefully some day you will be able to look at me and say, "Hey, I'm here and I'm not in pain but alive on this day to be able to tell you how was my day."

 Well this is what this one picture Inspired me to say so i hope you all feel the same. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed putting it up.

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