Monday, January 21, 2013

"Catching Up With Time"

As I lay I wonder why time fly’s right on by, not even a hi nor bye. Is it really that hard just to say hi and if so at least say bye, no because time flies right on by.  As I sit I wonder why I look up at the sky it makes me want to try and  fly, should I try if I do will I die all because I wanted fly  to try and catch up with Time? But, why would I try with out wings I could not fly  and if I could not fly then how could I try to catch up with time who he himself  self has flew right on by without even a hi nor bye.  As I walk i think to myself why is it so hard to catch up with time that seems to always fly right by, no matter how much I try to run and catch up with time. Is he really that fast should I jump and try to see if I can catch him way up high if I jump high would I be able to fly and if so could I catch time who doesn't know how to say hi nor bye. I CAUGHT HIM! I caught time without trying to fly, all I did was reach up high and he flew right my hands from the sky. Now back in his cage I put time and this time I will be careful how I play with time.

Moral of the story don’t name your Bird Time._.

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