Sunday, November 18, 2012

Behind A Mask

So this just popped in my head today, I'm a 25 y/o man with conditions i rather not speak of who lives out in Brooklyn. Of course your thinking (omg hes from bk he's Ghetto, a thief, hood rat) yeah I've hared it all and its funny sorta like this one time i was attending these very important business meetings and it was being hosted by what i thought was a cool rich guy. Now I'm not going to say he was mean it was more of an misunderstanding....  at least that's what i like to tell myself. So going on all they would talk about is ( oh ppl from Brooklyn are lazy they try and put their whole life and short time 0_0) even one told us how he was in the hood he seen it and I'm like 0_0 really is that so, now the part that got me was when he told me how he knew that i was living with my mother and it would explain how i couldn't comprehend with his ways of life. now that one hurt. the most famous one i loved was that we from Brooklyn talked Ghetto and our look was a disgrace but i laughed because every time i went i looked and talked as if i was one of them but when i came back home to Brooklyn, i was just a Ghetto 25y/o Brooklyn guy but when i was in front of them i was wearing a mask.


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