Monday, April 22, 2013

"This Small Space"

Its so mall I can barely move let alone to place down one not even two of my shoes. This space, Its just so small how can I lay my head or even make a call. This small space isn't that great, what happen to my enormousness space that i had one time in a place that wasn't as small as this small space. this small space, I just cant move around, i try to breath but in staid i frown cause when i exhale most of my stuff fall and if they fall its not like ill lose them theirs so big and this space this space is just so small. me and you we lay in our bed our bed is so big but, this space is to small. sitting and hurting cause i cant move away from this small space and i know i should but, how do you move from something you worked and thought would be great in staid all it is, is 

                                                          This Small Space

Friday, April 19, 2013

"The Other Me"

Me-Why are we doing this i say, why must we always be in pain i, say to my other self. why must we always be sad and unhappy when theirs so many people and things trying to make us smile and laugh.

My Other- i don't know why we are this way i just know this is our way, i don't know why where always in pain i just know that i must cause the pain, we've tried being happy but pain is where we stay, we tried laughing but all we did was feel even more pain. so why even try if all where going to do is hurt. why even try if all where going to do is cry.

Me- i feel and see what you say but, if not try then what is there for us to say, to all those who try and help us on this day, even on those other days, why should we allow them to waist there times if all we do is choose not to try. and choosing not to try is insane even if we do fail at least we had fun trying to make our day and if trying to make our day is so bad then bad shall be, cause trying to be happy is something that should be easy, not to take a mission.

My Other- i feel what your saying but see nothing of its worth, if everything your saying is so then why are we stuck, why did we come from a women who has caused us more pain and fear then love, why do we even bother i ask you again, tell my this pain that we have even in death will never end.

Me- i know not of what to tell you, only that we must try and if we don't try then what else is there to do. trying is all that we have left after that theirs nothing left....... but there will come a point when all those who tried will stop trying and then we will be alone again.

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Catching Up With Time"

As I lay I wonder why time fly’s right on by, not even a hi nor bye. Is it really that hard just to say hi and if so at least say bye, no because time flies right on by.  As I sit I wonder why I look up at the sky it makes me want to try and  fly, should I try if I do will I die all because I wanted fly  to try and catch up with Time? But, why would I try with out wings I could not fly  and if I could not fly then how could I try to catch up with time who he himself  self has flew right on by without even a hi nor bye.  As I walk i think to myself why is it so hard to catch up with time that seems to always fly right by, no matter how much I try to run and catch up with time. Is he really that fast should I jump and try to see if I can catch him way up high if I jump high would I be able to fly and if so could I catch time who doesn't know how to say hi nor bye. I CAUGHT HIM! I caught time without trying to fly, all I did was reach up high and he flew right my hands from the sky. Now back in his cage I put time and this time I will be careful how I play with time.

Moral of the story don’t name your Bird Time._.