Monday, April 22, 2013

"This Small Space"

Its so mall I can barely move let alone to place down one not even two of my shoes. This space, Its just so small how can I lay my head or even make a call. This small space isn't that great, what happen to my enormousness space that i had one time in a place that wasn't as small as this small space. this small space, I just cant move around, i try to breath but in staid i frown cause when i exhale most of my stuff fall and if they fall its not like ill lose them theirs so big and this space this space is just so small. me and you we lay in our bed our bed is so big but, this space is to small. sitting and hurting cause i cant move away from this small space and i know i should but, how do you move from something you worked and thought would be great in staid all it is, is 

                                                          This Small Space

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